What kind of portrait do you want?




“Be Original. Be Yourself. Be Legend. Give me your best photo shoot and I’ll transform you into a piece of Art.”

How can I get one done?

Following this 3 steps:

STEP ONE. First you have to send me the photo you want me to draw, choose wisely because you can’t change the photo. The photos must accomplish this requirements:

Good lightening

Good quality

Solo photo

STEP TWO. I’ll send you the initial payment request to your email . With this two things done I’ll start working right away.
You can pay the portrait with PayPal, Credit Card or Bank transfer (USA and European Union).

STEP THREE. With your ongoing feedback, I’m going to create your image. The Floating portrait it’s only the head and the Colorful one uses the american close shot or close medium shot. I’ll send you the results in between 3 or 5 working days. You will look awesome!

Your Instagram profile has never been so cool! You will be “the Badass” on Facebook, WhatsApp or any digital platform. Put your portrait on your Website and earn the respect of your peers and detractors.

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