You can get one portrait in three steps!


First you have to send me your photo you want me to draw. Keep in mind that your picture has to be in a good quality for me to see the details.


Tell me what kind of portrait you want. Once you have paid the charge (via PayPal, bank transfer or credit card) I’ll start working.


I’ll send you the portrait in between 1 or 4 working days. You will look awesome!


Some asked these questions:


> How do people go about getting one done?

— You can get one done through three steps:

1) Send me your picture.

2) Let me know what kind of portrait you want (see the different types of portraits).

3) After pay the charge agreed, I’ll send you via email your portrait in a few working days.

> It’s free?

it’s a commissioned work, isn’t free. Would be free in the case of concrete collaboration with a partner.

> What would it cost?

— A number of variables are taken into consideration for the fee: if you want for personal use or commercial use, work volume, graphic requirements, what kind of portrait (only head or full body), etc. If you want to know more about this write me HERE.

> How can I pay it?

— You can pay it via PayPal, Bank Transfer or Credit Card.

> Do you do ones for women as well?

— I know you only see men in my gallery. But also I drawing women. I don’t work with pets (don’t have skill with this).

> Why only people and not objects or pets?

— I found a passion for draw an early age, drawing people in any place. Now I can capture  different moods. I explain it better with my self-portrait.

> Do you accept it collaborations?

— Of course! Write me and tell me more about your idea for evaluate it.

> Do you design logotypes or graphics applications?

— At this time I’m only doing portraits. 


Should you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me