Creating great portraits takes a lot of time and experiences. I have lots of years working with a portraits and I learned how capturing people and their being (or evoke they different moods through). However, this kind of job is more than  just creating an imagen of someone. Knowing how to drawing details is crucial to achieve professional and high-quality results.

Discover below the different types of portraits that I can offer you. 



Is a close-up shot to the face. Normally includes the head and shoulders (or just only head). Framed this tightly the facial expression dominate (smiles, squeeze eyes, etc). Your authenticity or your beauty is placed into the focal point.



This portrait focus on capturing your lifestyle. Can be a full shot or medium shot. When the portrait use the full shot then shows character from head to toes.  If use the medium shot, the portrait show typically them about waist up. Frequently your portrait looks a spontaneous, bold and edgy and offer an insight into your personality.



Family and Couple portraits are important for capturing the life events (birthday, weddings, anniversary, etc) and transform into an artistic piece.

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